What is the 'Black Motocross'?

The Zwarte Cross Festival ('Black MotoCross') is a mixture of sports, music, camping and a lot of bizarre stunts. It took a few years before it grew to be one of the biggest music festival in Holland and the largest motor-cycle cross event of Europe. All tastes are catered for: music, market, fair, theatre, camping facilities, activities for children and fun stunts. In 2012 there were 156.218 visitors at the 'Black MotoCross'.

Not to mention the spectacular motor-cycle cross itself for mopeds, bunglers, specials, and motor-cycle combinations. Those who are keen on sports will also be amply gratified. Many champions, for example, participate in the super league, among whom some time ago the quadruple world champion Joël Smits and Sven Breugelmans from Belgium and world champion Ben Townley from New Zealand. The organisation of this top festival is conducted by the rockband Jovink and the Voederbietels, a popular rockband from the region where the festival is held. The members of the band are crazy about motor-cycles, music, partying and humour, the most important ingredients of this event. They themselves participate in the matches and also give performances on one of the twenty stages, which the festival can boast. The 17th event of the Black Cross will be on 26, 27 and 28 July in Lichtenvoorde (Holland).

The Festival

There is a programme by more than 150 bands from home and abroad on 24 separate stages, in a time span of 3 days. The programme itself is pretty varied : DJ's, theatrical acts, and, of course bands of all sorts and sizes: Rock, pop, blues, hardrock, tear-jerkers even, schlagers, folk music and: Rock 'n Roll! Click here for a complete list of all bands and theater.


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Special things

The 'Black MotoCross' is characterized by a show of multiple activities, apart from the motor-cycle cross and the music on separate stages. All over the grounds there is a lot to be done and to be seen. There are several theatrical acts, and quite some awesome or even hilarious stunts. There is a big fair quite different from any other fair. A special children's corner is reserved for the kids with all kinds of free attractions. They can get free orangeade and are kept busy with make-up, hop-on-the-motorbike days, etc. Finally there is a festival market of curiosities from all over the world, a Black MotoCross pub, a hairdresser's and several restaurants.

Camping facilities

The 'Black MotoCross' camping site is unique. Caravans in excessive colours and jubilant faces of party-goers. The camping site can accommodate 20.500 people and is open from Friday morning up to and including Monday morning. The camping site is, in fact, a village in itself, with its own supermarket, bathing facilities, campfire, wash-place, the 'Black MotoCross' pub and the renowned Rock 'n Roll Circus, where bands are performing all the time. Visitors are free to choose whatever bands and games they want to see elsewhere on the grounds. The festival camping site will be, just like last year, sold out months before the festival takes place. If you need any information on camping sites, hotels, etc. please visit www.vvvlichtenvoorde.nl and choose the button 'overnachten' (meaning : overnight stay)


The 'Black MotoCross' weekend means a 3-day festival : July 26, 27 and 28 in 2013. From the start of the festival on friday the is on overload on entertainment. A lot of people spend their time for the whole of the weekend.

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Money money money

The entrance is very cheap and includes parking, toilets, etc. On Sunday the children below 1.40 m. have free entrance. Who dares to accuse the Dutch of greedy behaviour?! Click here for tickets! 


Around 500 contestants always participate in the Black Motorcycle Cross. If you want to participate for 2014, send an e-mail to info@zwartecross.nl and give a full and clear explanation of why you want to join, which league, etc. The fees: € 95,- , including a passe-partout that will take you anywhere: all bands, stunts, camping site, riders' quarters, etc. Those who are admitted will be informed by e-mail.

Road description

Where is the 'Black MotoCross'? Click here.


Most of this website is in Dutch, informing the reader of the participants, what stunts are performed, the history of the 'Black MotoCross', etc. You don't understand Dutch? Don't bother! You have already read the most essential information, so why not view the pictures?

Gutsy enough to take a look at the 2013 version of the 'Black MotoCross'? You won't regret any minute of it. That's for sure!

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