What is the 'Black Motocross'?



The Zwarte Cross is the funnest, fastest, and funniest weekend you’ve ever heard of. The epic combinion of motorcross, camping, music and kick-ass stunts is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and body moving. In just a few years, the Zwarte Cross grew to be the biggest music festival in Holland and the largest motorcross event in the world. However, there is sooo much more than just motocross and great Rock ‘n Roll. From theatre to reggae to poetry to metal to EDM… it's all here! In 2015, more than 197.500 people came to experience the most unique and awesome festival in The Netherlands.

Before the dawn of man as we know him (1997), the mystic maiden Tante Rikie conjured the first Zwarte Cross in the magical forrest by Hummelo, marrying motocross, music, and all things fun. Local rock heroes Jovink en de Voederbietels were called on to perform and compete in the race that first year, entering a blood-oath to put on every Zwarte Cross after that. One thousand prophetic souls marked the beginning of a new epoch in the history of man that first year, with all time after the first Zwarte Cross becoming known as After Zwarte Cross, or A.Z.C. Between 1 A.Z.C. and today, the Zwarte Cross has grown an average of about 10,000 people per edition, with Jovink still creating an exciting weekend of well-priced fun and humor for all ages.

The Festival and Program

The Zwarte Cross festival will be held on July 21, 22, 23 and 24 for the 2016 edition. 

The location this year is the Festivalterrein De Schans, Lictenvoorde. There are 137.5 unique hectares of recreation, fascination, and decoration to experience and enjoy. We work hard to make an exciting and fun atmosphere by having a unique and artistic mini city of stages, tents, hangouts, and many scenic elements, as well as the beautiful nature of the surrounding area. 

More than 200 bands from home and abroad will perform on 27 stages over 3 days. There are 10 themed ‘pastures’ for pop, blues, dance, theatre and poetry, reggae, hardrock, disco, German-schlager/ Tiroler folkmusic aaand: Rock 'n Roll! For a complete line-up Click here!

The theatre program has become a permanent fixture for the Zwarte Cross. We’ve been blown away by the poetry, literature, music, dance, cabaret, stand-up comedy and art in the years past, but we are going to make this year the best ever! Come experience the best cultural events in the region and find something new at the Zwarte Cross. For a complete line-up of the theatre acts this year, Click here!

The motor races include the Superclass, heavy-weight, 85cc, moped and more races. For some hilarious photos of the garage-Frankensteins, Click here!

The stunt program of years past included backflips with a car, 20-meter-high motorcycle tricks over the mainstage, stunt airplanes, limousine jumps, high-wire acts and the ‘Naked Run for Freedom’ where 450 brave souls ran the track in only motorcycle helmets. Last year, Jackson “Jacko” Strong broke the world record for the longest distance backflip with his “Giant Backflip for Mankind” to raise awareness for Amnesty International.


What to Do With Your Kids

Zwarte Cross is all about kids! That’s why it’s important to us that kids under 1.40m are admitted free. Furthermore, they have exclusive access to the ‘Brat’s paradise’  (‘Blagenparadijs’ in Dutch)  where they can have all the lemonade and excitement they (or you) can handle! There’s art and music workshops, face-painting, games to enjoy, making for a genuinely good time for kids of any age. We take it seriously that the next generation can have a great time, just like all you adults and kids-at-heart!

Camping and Facilities

The Zwarte Cross camping site and its 20.500 inhabitants take pride in making a great atmosphere and creating the most elaborate display of caravans in the civilized world. The best feature of the Zwarte Cross camping experience is an extra day at the festival! Camping guests arriving Thursday will have access to the terrain, concerts, stunts and parties on Thursday night. Also, camping means that you don’t have to worry about driving home or missing out on anything. The camping is where the action never stops! With its own supermarket, spa, barber’s shop, massage lounge, bathing facilities, bonfire, Zwarte Cross pub and the renowned Rock 'n Roll Circus, there is a constant party exclusively for camping guests. We promise, it’ll be worth it!

In 2013, the Kampeerhotel Grasnapolsky was added to provide a true “glamping” experience. This luxury camping hotel experience includes a fully furnished, spacious 2- or 4-person tent with inflated air-mattresses and sleeping bags, electrical outlets, lights, and a patio with furniture. Furthermore, the Grasnapolsky guests have access to their own bathhouse, sauna, and hot tub. This is truly the ultimate in luxurious festival going!

The festival camping site will, just like last year, probably be sold out months before the festival takes place. Note that with a camping ticket you do not need a separate ticket for access to the festival. All-in baby! Please see below for tickets. If you need any information on camping sites, hotels, etc. outside of the Zwarte Cross, please visit www.vvvlichtenvoorde.nl and choose the button 'overnachten' (overnight stay).

Ticket$ and Money Money Money!

Because we hate nickel-and-diming, the entrance price includes parking, toilets, etc. Like we said earlier, children below 1.40m are free. Also, youths above 1.40m and under 16 years old are just 10 Euros. Who says the Dutch are greedy?!

Click here for tickets!

Where is it?

To see the location of the Zwarte Cross on a map, Click here.
The address can be entered on GPS as Eikendijk 9, 7137 PM Lievelde, The Netherlands. 

To wrap it all up…

Most of this website is in Dutch, informing the reader of the participants, stunts, the history of the Zwarte Cross, etc. Don't understand Dutch? Don't bother! We don’t know Dutch either! Why not take a look at the pictures under ‘Media’ here.
For any other questions or interests, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Tante Rikie gaat hard dankzij

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