The Black Cross is a festival with a bizarre mix of motocross, music, stunts, theater, humor and a lot of craziness and spectacle. The combination of these seemingly different worlds makes for a unique celebration worldwide (!). The obvious connection with “the Achterhoek”, where the festival takes place, is noticeable in the typical friendliness and hospitality of this region. Younger and older people still celebrate and party together. From the first edition (1,000 visitors) until the last edition in 2017 (220,000 visitors) one thing stays clear for visitors and the organization: nothing is impossible!

Music & theater

All generations celebrate together at the Black Cross. This is clearly visible in the offering of music and theater on the 31 (!) different stages. More than 150 bands and 1,000 theater artists are programmed on these stages, from blues, dance, reggae, rock & roll, acts for children, metal, cabaret, singer-songwriters, to party music.

Cross & stunts

The Black Cross is the biggest motocross event in the world. On the cross track there’s no narrow-mindedness as well: everyone and every idea is welcome. There are bizarre cross categories in which amateurs cross in self-built vehicles, combined with serious motorcycle sport by actual world champions. Participants in the “humor categories” often work a year on the strangest vehicles, re-build fire trucks, bulldozers, rollators or road bikes into fierce machines and dress themselves in absurd outfits. Clearly, these categories are not about winning, but about the entertainment.


From Thursday afternoon until Monday morning there’s room for 20,000 campers at the Black Cross. And believe us: this is where the real party takes place! The Black Cross camping is rightfully called the ‘Walhalla’. Campers are the real VIP’s of the festival, because when the festival site closes at night, the party continues on the camping site!